Industrial IoT/ML Workshop

Build a Machine Learning Model

Open the Jupyter Notebook

The CloudFormation template already created a Jupyter Notebook for post processing the data from IoT Analytics and create a ML model

  • In AWS IoT Analytics go to “Analyze” → “Notebooks”
  • Open arrows on the “DrillingAnalytics” notebook and  click “Open this in Jupyter”

Now use the documentation in the Notebook to go through and execute every step, clicking on the “Run” button inside every cell. You can also use the keys combination SHIFT+ENTER on the keyboard.

Please ensure you have modified the parameter for the AWS IoT Analytics dataset name if you chose an other name for the classified data set than classified_data.

In the end you will have a ML model stored in the Amazon S3 bucket to be used on AWS Greengrass ML Inference

Run the Jupyter Notebook Step by Step