Industrial IoT/ML Workshop

AWS Architecture

The following picture shows the complete architecture for this workshop and what is going to be built:

Overall, this workshop will expose the participants to the following AWS services:

  • EC2 instance which exposes simulated industrial equipment. This is a virtual replication of the PLC that is exposing the data from the drill.
  • AWS Cloud9 EC2 instance running Greengrass to allow the participants easy access to a console and avoid issues with SSH clients required to execute commands on the shell.
  • Lambda functions for connectivity to the virtual drill and pre-processing of the incoming data from the drill.
  • AWS Iot Analytics for Storing Data and do some queries on the drill data in AWS.
  • Amazon SageMaker with a Notebook to build a ML Model
  • S3 to store the ML model and provide it to a Lambda script that will enrich data coming from the drill with a prediction. 

In the following, we will show how to build this architecture step-by-step (mostly from left to right).