Industrial IoT/ML Workshop


This document describes the flow and various details about an Industrial IoT workshop.

The workshop content was developed by Jan Metzner and Markus Bestehorn for re:invent 2018.

Instructions for the Participants

To maximize the value for everyone executing this workshop, the following is required:

  • Every participant must have a laptop running either Windows or Linux. iPads or similar devices are insufficient or create additional challenges that are not covered by this documentation (and most likely need to be solved by the participant on their own).
  • An AWS Account with a user that has the access rights to create IAM roles/policies and has access to services in at least the regions N. Virginia, Oregon or Ireland.
    Note: It is discouraged to use an “AssumeRole” access to an account as this might create additional challenges around AWS Cloud9.

  • A modern web browser (HTML5) for accessing the AWS console.